Recta - More Than 100 Years of Heritage


RECTA, founded in 1897 originally manufactured chronographs. This precision based activity was the foundation of the skills required to design and manufacture the first compass in a pocket watch housing in 1914.

The reputation of RECTA has been built around the skills required to design manufacture precision instruments for use around the world.

In 1941 RECTA developed its famous “liquid filled matchbox” model (known as the DP model, and used by the Swiss Army) which today is still used by armed forces around the world, who have both proven and established its unique reputation.

Whether as a member of the Scouts, youth organisations, the armed forces, backpacking or just travelling the world many of us have used a RECTA compass. Today, millions of people regularly use a compass, many on a daily basis, this keeps the heritage of RECTA alive.

The Swiss tradition of accuracy is not a legend, it’s a fact. RECTA is proud of its contribution, through having designed and manufactured its products at the factory in Biel, the capital of the watch and micro-mechanics industries, for decades.

All the components of a RECTA compass have been designed in Biel by highly qualified and skilled personnel. The research and development team with decades of experience in the industry enables RECTA to remain a leader in its field. The "Global System", which enables one compass to be used world-wide is a perfect example.

Many innovative projects are currently under development. The challenge of enhanced quality, new technology and innovation for a new generation of outdoor instruments is already being met by RECTA!

Nowadays all the Recta compasses are manufactured at the Suunto Oy factory in Finland.